Creative Practice Module

From Concept to Realization

Hello and welcome!

In this module, I talk about my creative process. In the first video, I talk about how I usually brainstorm and shape my initial idea for a composition. Since this is an electroacoustic composition, I will also talk about what I did in the recording studio for the first phase of my creative process. Make sure to check out the Electroacoustic Composition Techniques Module for hands on tips and techniques!

Goodnight Moon is a recent commission for audio playback and trio (voice, cello, piano) by Ellen Wieser, an accomplished opera singer based in Montreal, QC. This composition is part of a larger project, Goodnight Noises Everywhere/Bonne nuit les bruits de la terre, that will be premiered and performed by Noise Partout trio in summer 2023.

Part II

Taking an idea from things happening around you and turn it into a compositional idea; Percussive vocal inspired by beatboxing!

Part I

Strategies to brainstorm the overall structure of your composition